Marc-André Lemburg

Her kan du læse om Marc-André Lemburg, som holder oplæg til dette års Driving IT. Her kan du læse om Marc-Andrés oplæg.

Marc-André Lemburg


When to use Python?

Python's strengths and weaknesses - Python is mainstream nowadays and used in a wide variety ofapplications. It’s easy to learn syntax and large eco system of available extensions make it an ideal choice in many industries. But is it really always the best choice? The talk will provide a few insights based on more than 20 years’ experience in Python consulting to help you guide your decision.

Marc-André is the CEO of the Python consulting firm He has been using Python since 1994, helped shape the language as a core developer and is active in the EuroPython Society and Python Software Foundation community organizations. He served as EuroPython Society chair for the past five years.