Ifigeneia Lella

Her kan du læse om Ifigeneia Lella, som kommer og holder oplæg til dette års Driving IT konference.

Ifigeneia Lella

CyberSecurity Officer, ENISA

Understanding Supply Chain Attacks Threat Landscape

The presentation aims at highlighting the key observations and major findings described/illustrated in the ENISA “Threat Landscape for Supply Chain Attacks” report that was published in July 2021. The report provides a mapping and analysis of 24 supply chain attacks based on incidents identified and reported from January 2020 to early July 2021, along with their classification based on a proposed taxonomy of their key characteristics and techniques. The analysis answers the questions: what are the most common attack techniques being used in supply chain attacks, what are the main customer assets that attackers are after and which is the relationship between attacks and assets targeted.

In 2011, Ifigeneia Lella obtained her MSc degree in Information Security and Biometrics from the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom, following the BSc in Computer Science received in 2009 from the University of Pireaus, Greece. From 2012 to 2014, she worked at the European Central Bank as a Security Engineer in internal projects regarding Identity Management and as a member of the Bank's SOC team. In 2014 she joined the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization's SOC team as an Information Security Officer.

As of 2016 she holds the position of Cyber Security Officer at ENISA, where she has organised EU wide cyber exercises (Cyber Europe 2018 and 2022). Finally since 2021 she manages ENISA's Threat Landscape project.