Gaël Duval

Her kan du læse om Gaël Duval, som holder oplæg til Driving IT 2021.

Gaël Duval

Software engineer & entrepreneur

/e/OS : an alternative to break free from Google & Apple on the mobile

With the rise of the smartphone for the past 14 years, we have seen a duopoly taking the whole worldwide market of the smartphone Operating Systems: Apple with iOS and Google with Android.

As most of our lives now goes through the smartphone, it has become very problematic not to have more choices in term of operating systems, especially when the two OS leaders heavily harvest personal data to fuel ads-based business models. By building /e/OS, we are offering a new way, both fully "deGoogled", compatible with any mobile application, and respectful of people's personal data, by design, as shown in independent research studies. Dozen thousands users have already adopted our OS in Europe, and we have closed some significant partnerships with some smartphone makers like Fairphone, Gigaset, Teracube...

Gaël Duval is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He created the first desktop-based Linux distribution in 1998, Mandrake Linux, and more recently launched /e/OS, a fully deGoogled mobile operating system for the masses.