Benjamin Larsen

Her kan du læse mere om Benjamin Larsen, som holder et oplæg til Driving IT 2021.

Benjamin Larsen

PhD Student at the Technical University of Denmark

Enabling Security and Privacy Through Trust

In this short 20 minute talk, we'll look at privacy and security in modern IT systems. In light of the new requirements for all computers to have a TPM to support Windows 11, we'll discuss how we can use trust as an enabler for security and privacy.

By looking at the latest research, we will talk about how trust can act as an enabler for offering strong guarantees about privacy and security in both authentication and attestation.

By the end of this session, the participant will be able to define privacy, security, and trust and the differences between them. Furthermore, the participant will have knowledge of how to use a trusted element to enable privacy in the authentication.

Bio: Benjamin is a PhD Student at the Technical University of Denmark, where he works with Trust Issues in Fog Computing. His primary focus is on TPMs, both in how to use them and how to exploit them.

Before working in academia, Benjamin worked beside his studies in various positions in the Telco industry.